#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on more frequent cases of raiding in agriculture in Ukraine

After 2014, raiding in Ukraine started resembling the ordinary piracy judging by the methods and scale. If earlier the assets of enterprises were the objects of unlawful seizures, in recent years armed gangs have been attacking farm fields and taking away the crops grown there.

The agrarian raiding was addressed Ukraine back in 2016. Farmers were offered a service called “calling a lawyer to the scene of the crime” as a mean of countering looting in broad daylight. However, the presence of lawyers for some reason does not impress the former participants of the ‘ATO’, of which raider gangs mostly consist. The very ‘ATO’ participants are embarrassed to talk about it, even making comparisons with the 90s. That time, they say, they took 20%, and now all 50%!

A typical example of agrarian piracy was the raider seizure of Ltd Niva-2010 in the village of Berezhanka, the Kirovograd region. This incident became particularly famous because of the mass fights of the police with local residents and former fighters of the Donbass battalion (an organization banned in the DPR – ed.). In the Odessa region, bandits on harvesters collected a harvest that belonged to Ltd “Ukr Zerno Trade” worth about 1 million hryvnia and took it to an unknown destination. It is noteworthy that when the agrarians left for harvest, 10 police vehicles of the Shiryaevsky district blocked the road, in every way preventing them farmers from reaching their fields.

It saves me effort of being surprised. If earlier the Ukrainian regime at least tried to observe the limits of decency, now no one attaches importance to the fact that they are robbing agrarians using veterans of the ‘ATO’ as a convenient tool. At the same time, the Ukrainian media continue to create fake clips “about the valor of the defenders of Ukraine”, although in fact these characters protect exclusively the interests of oligarchic clans.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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