#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on powerlessness of Ukrainian law enforcement system

In an effort to take care and pay attention to Ukrainian citizens, the Chief of the Konstantinovka police station Alexander Kolomiets stated at a recent briefing that the perpetrators in the city had declared a ‘gold hunt’, that is, attacks on women in order to plunder increased.As a solution to this problem, Mr. Kolomiets strongly recommends to give up wearing of gold jewelry until the best times.

I would like to ask the Chief of the Konstantinovka police station what his subordinates do if women are unable walk the streets of a small provincial town safely where the population is no more than 100 thousand people. Crime prevention and the detection of already committed atrocities are the direct responsibility of law enforcement agencies or are they no longer in Ukraine? With the same success, doctors can claim that human life always leads to death, so it is better not to be born until they figure out how to make people immortal.

In order to understand the whole nature of the state of affairs in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, it is necessary to recall the country’s history after the coup d’état of 2014. Petr Poroshenko, in his campaign, stated that Ukrainians needed to start “living in a new way”. The Poroshenko’s theory of new life was composed of four main slogans: “Live freely!”, “Live comfortably!”, “Live right!” and “Live safely”. Don’t be so ready to find fault. Perhaps that is why the reform of the Ukrainian police was almost a major advertising sign in Mr. Poroshenko’s programme.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsene Avakov changed the sign in the first place, renamed militia into police and introduced a new form on which the main Ukrainian symbol was a viburnum. Also, according to Mr. Avakov’s strategic plan, departments such as Directorate for Combating Organised Crime, the Transport Police Directorate, the Directorate for Minors and a couple of ‘totally useless’ structural units were dismantled. Instead of the Road Safety Unit, a Patrol Service was introduced and a global reappraisal of the entire law enforcement system was carried out. As a result, the police staff had been almost halved, but the resulting shortage of staff did not embarrass anyone. In the view of Mr. Avakov, the first priority was to win the confidence of the citizens, which had been lost to the previous ‘criminal and corrupted’ militia.

The Patrol Service was placed at the disposal of the new vehicle fleet and staff members attended three-month courses on the accelerated programme. After these courses, trained ex-barbers and traders added to grim statistics several dozen of pedestrian accidents (there were casualties). In this case, an apology for patrolmen crashed half of the official cars and this is only in the capital of Ukraine. New officers are famous not only for rapid riding, shooting at citizens and accidents involving them. After the patrols had been actively dealing with old tradeswomen and twisted the hands of several pensioners, it immediately became clear that the service was strictly followed by the declared by the President Poroshenko slogans of an honest, free and secure life.

And the statistics are actually dismal: Ukraine is dominated by crime. Thus, according to the Office of the Procurator-General of Ukraine, only during the first half of 2016 the crime rate increased by more than 23% compared to the same period in 2015.

However, the level of care for both nationals and foreign visitors is high in the Ukrainian police. In the run-up to the international song competition, the national Ukrainian police prepared a special handbook for foreigners. This document contained a recommendation in case of dealing with aggressive people they should not to be ashamed of screaming and running away. In addition, the police warned foreign visitors that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies “can stop people, check documents or belongings, use physical force, special means and firearms”. This is described in detail in a document on the official website of the agency. I think the Europeans were sympathetic to this initiative, because Ukraine, in the words of its president, has reached an unprecedented level of freedom and democracy.

I am sure that the increase in criminality is written off illicit arms trafficking from the so-called “ATO” and, making statements and recommendations described above, the Ukrainian police are directly recognized as incapable of their own insolvency and incapacity. The fight against criminality waged by the Ukrainian authorities is no more than flossing. The ordinary Ukrainians do not see any prospects for the Ukrainian police to cope with the rapidly deteriorating situation while the country is run by Mr. Poroshenko and Mr. Avakov.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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