#Commentary of Elena Melnick on continuation of political tragicomedy in Ukraine with Saakashvili and Poroshenko in lead roles

After a month and a half’s break, Saakashvili hit the headlines of Ukrainian media once again. On February 4, Kiev hosted a meeting called “Movement of New Forces”, which ended with “March for the Future”. The main demand voiced by protesters was the resignation of Poroshenko. The return to the proscenium of the political burlesque, “Maidan in Kiev”, means one thing to Saakashvili – screenwriters of this theatrical performance hint to the main protagonist Poroshenko at the unenviable future in case of failure to fulfil his obligations.

Let us start by looking at the slogans of Saakashvili comes out to the public under. Actually, there is only one slogan: the impeachment of Poroshenko. There are no more requirements in the resolution, which was ‘adopted by people’ at the rally. The rest is demagogy on the topic of expensive rest of the Ukrainian president.

This protest action did not have any real requirements, sane and clear social component. It would seem that if he had brought up the subject of housing and communal payments at the rally, the success of the action would have been guaranteed in the sense that the people would have gone out into the streets. But the customers of Saakashvili’s activity do not need a real protest at the moment. The meaning of this action is to send a message to Poroshenko, to give him a ‘black mark’.

The protest action ended in the best traditions of Saakashvili’s clowning. The chanting “Sneaky coward, come out!” under the Poroshenko’s house is a really great director’s move, now projectors are directed towards the President of Ukraine, everyone is waiting for his further actions.

But Poroshenko is not Leopold the Cat, and his reaction to the threat of impeachment is unlikely to be expressed by appeals to friendship. Poroshenko is beset from all sides: he is under the pressure of both external ‘partners’ and internal ‘associates’, that is, the representatives of Ukrainian oligarchs, politics, etc. One can only speculate, which one of them is behind Saakashvili. (As you know, the former President of Georgia is in close relations with the West, but the interests of the Ukrainian business are not alien to him.)

Thus, Lutsenko claims that Mikho is sponsored by Sergey Kurchenko, who escaped to Moscow. The latter’s goal is to return remaining assets in Ukraine. But regardless of the versions shared by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who after a rest in the Seychelles with renewed vigour began to ‘fight’ with the Ukrainian crime, one thing is certain: Poroshenko can deflect attention from himself in his favourite way – the intensification of the war in Donbass.

That is why we have to follow political upheavals on the Ukrainian stage. “Bloody Petr”, who came to power on the wave of military rhetoric, resorts to a proven method of distraction of society from his person every time his power is threatened. We have yet to witness what turn these events might take. It is scary that the price of political games and struggle for profits in Ukraine is people’s lives.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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