#Commentary of Elena Melnick on hopes of Deputy Minister of Ukraine for dissolution of Russia as state

The Deputy Minister of Ukraine on Refugees George Tuka stated: ʺThe best option for Ukraine and, probably, for the whole world is dissolution of Russia as a state as it is now.ʺ

Most recently, Poroshenko expressed his gigantic ambitions when he wished to hold the Ukraine – EU summit in Donetsk and Yalta. As one can see, Tuka correctly understood the message of his patron and developed it further, presumptuously backed his hopes for the collapse of Russia with ‘the desire of the whole world’.

The idea of this populist statement is clear. It is not that easy to plant russophobia in the descendants of the Victory, the Russian-speaking population, and simply among the people with friendly and kindred ties. Fake news is short-lived, and the degree of hatred towards everything Russian related needs to be constantly promoted.

But there is one problem. The demand for such rhetoric is falling. Customers, who generously paid for this ‘trend’ previously, are no longer interested in its promotion.

This is why the Ukrainian politicians have to make increasingly eccentric statements, drawing attention to themselves. Perhaps ‘masters’ will notice it and appreciate their zeal.

And the fact that the inhabitants of the country have different views on such ‘hopes’, such policies are not taken into account. Well, they better be. The credibility of Ukrainian politicians and the media is already at the level of statistical error, and all loud statements are perceived exactly the other way around.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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