#Commentary of Elena Melnick on new ‘achievements’ of Ukrainian authorities in sphere of freedom of speech

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has imposed fines for usage of St. George Ribbon. In the present times, the Ukrainian people would better be very careful to use a combination of orange and black colors, because right ‘patriots’ may even identify a bumblebee on your shoulder as a prohibited symbol.

The level of democracy and freedom of expression in the territory of Ukraine has reached its climax. Human rights, freedom of speech, freedom to have an alternative point of view — all this, according to Poroshenko, has reached unprecedented levels: “Ukraine never had such a level of freedom in its history”. And you cannot argue with that, such level of Ukraine’s freedom, where any dissent is today prohibited, has not yet been known.

It is forbidden to make proposals for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, even if they are not entirely adequate. Even thinking aloud about the possibility of establishing relations with Russia is costly for their authors. The Verkhovna Rada approved by a majority vote a draft decree on the early termination of the power of Deputy Andrey Artemenko, who presented a plan to lift sanctions from Russia. The Ukrainian politician, who got into the Ukrainian Parliament on the list of the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko, is difficult to suspect in pro-Russian views. However, even the Ukrainian nationalist has begun to propose albeit unrealistic ways of rapprochement with Russia, since even the most blatant radicals understand that Ukraine has driven itself into an economic and political stalemate. But the Kiev authorities still refuse to accept such signals adequately and, instead of having a civilized discussion, it punishes ‘renegade’ with the deprivation of his credentials.

There is nothing to be surprised, especially after the signing of a decree on sanctions by Poroshenko on May 15, within which millions of users of such social networks as “VKontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”, “1C” software, “Kaspersky” and “Dr. Web” virus-protection programs as well as many other companies in the IT field fall.

Indeed, such democracy and freedom of expression have never been in Ukraine. It seems that the Kiev authorities have decided to give serious effect to the model of the totalitarian society described by George Orwell in “1984”. However, history clearly shows what such efforts in the real world end up with.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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