#Commentary of Elena Melnick on new protests of Ukrainian neo-Nazis

Almost every event, which involves victorious “Maidan” activists, is not without a demonstration of Nazi symbols and manifestations of xenophobia. This time, the Ukrainian followers of Nazism were wearing the Ku Klux Klan hats with the swastika on it at the football match “Dinamo” – “Shakhtar”.

The representative of the control and disciplinary committee of the Ukrainian Football Federation Stefan Reshko thinks that “something akin to the last warning from UEFA may follow”. In my view, there is as yet no sanction action against those who popularize the Nazi ideas, all these “last warnings” is just wagging a finger.

Nevertheless, the West can no longer deny the presence of neo-Nazi ideology, both among the civil community and among the highest ranks. Impunity for such behaviour makes it possible to recruit a large number of people, especially young people, to neo-Nazi communities.

I wonder how the Western media and law enforcement agencies would react to an event in which African students were affected by some white men in military uniform as a result of the conflict. Unfortunately, the Western press is now looking first not at what happened, but at where it happened. And since the scenario described above took place in the ‘democratic’ Ukraine in Mariupol, when the dark-skinned foreigners playing soccer, were forcibly kicked out from the football field by the neo-Nazi “Azov” fighters, either Africans will be found to have St. George Ribbons or, at a minimum, they will say nothing.

Today, racism, xenophobia, Nazism and other abhorrent forms of world views are encouraged by the authorities in Ukraine and information about this is blocked in the West. The consequences of the acts of the carriers of such ideologies are extremely damaging to the world community and it must be understood that it will not be possible to shut off from such problems by ignoring.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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