#Commentary of Elena Melnick on raider mayhem in Ukraine

The subject of raiding has not come out of the news in Ukraine for several years. They seize everything: market places, shops, apartments, land property and entire enterprises. The invaders are “ATO” combatants, police, deputies, ministers and even the president of Ukraine. In any event, the accusations against the latter were brought by a figure of a loud scandal around the Zhitomir confectionery factory Igor Boyko.

Igor Boyko filed a suit with the International Court of Arbitration against Ukraine to compensate him for losses that he valued at approximately $100 million. According to Boyko, his factory was one of the main competitors of the Roshen Corporation, which was founded by Poroshenko, and it was the President of Ukraine who unlawfully seized his property.

In response to Boyko’s claim, Ukraine began to conduct proceedings relating to him stealing property nothing less than 400 million hryvnias. In addition, a number of publications were published in some Ukrainian publications, calling Boyko a raider, and arguing that he himself had unlawfully acquired the factory back in the day.

It is difficult to judge what is true and what is not — in any case, there is no court decision on this matter, but the synchrony of these events cannot go unnoticed.

What happens in agriculture with illegal land grabbing is more frightening. In the meantime, the International Monetary Fund is demanding that the sale of land in Ukraine should be allowed. And these processes are, ironically, interrelated.

Using administrative, financial and power opportunities, the land is taken away from farmers. The land is concentrated in the same hands. After the introduction of the land market, it will be sold to transnational corporations. The situation is so tense that the farmers have begun to unite in self-defence formations.

ʺWe often see expensive Mercedes driving around the countryside, and drivers ask the locals about their farms and their owners. And then they try to land property through known illegal schemes. And also, crops fail sometimes and surveillance cameras are broken. So we decided to fight formally – we have registered a civil formation (by law, the members of such a group are allowed to have a means of self-defence),ʺ a Ukrainian farmer said.

According to the Ukrainian press, 700 raids have been carried out in the agricultural sector so far in 2017, and the statistics is increasing every day.

Ukraine, with its population growing poorer, with a large quantity of weapons, some of which is held by the members of the “ATO”, who leave no stone unturned, with the pseudo law enforcement system with ‘Facebook Minister’ Avakov turns into the Makhno’s Republic of Gulyaypole, whose protection becomes a matter for everyone.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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