#Commentary of Elena Melnick on Ukrainian authorities’ proposal to treat their citizens via Internet

The Europeanization of Ukraine has reached the health system. The so-called medical reform, which would destroy the incapable population and thereby significantly save the state budget, was complemented by an original proposal in the form of a bill No. 7117.

In accordance with the bill, it is proposed to increase accessibility of health care provision in rural areas by eliminating doctor home visits. Instead, the Ukrainian authorities want to legitimize a procedure for doctor consultations via Skype, calling it telemedicine.

Now a check-up, treatment order, pronouncement of death — everything will be done remotely. It is convenient, isn`t it? For the Ukrainian legislators it is, to which their own people are a burden, but not for a sick person. In addition, it is difficult to organize medical consultations via Skype in rural areas due to the lack of funds to purchase computer equipment or ability to have access to the Internet at all.

You might as well argue that every person who has the Internet is able to cure himself by typing the main symptoms of disease in a searching box. And as for diseases like influenza, sore throat, acute respiratory viral infection, lung inflammation, there will also be difficulties in defining disease. After all, the main method of definition is to look at the throat and listen to the patient’s breathing. I suppose, analyses will be shared via Skype as well, won’t they? There are an infinite number of such examples.

By giving the appearance of Europeanization, the Ukrainian pseudo politicians have forgotten the pressing problems. Hospitals are not renovated, equipment is obsolete, there are vaccine problems, many drugs for treating diseases are not available and it is better to refrain from pointing out their quality. Medicine has long since ceased to be free for Ukrainians, the countryside health care is on its way out and there is another scheme to steal budgetary funds behind the so-called medical reform.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council


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