#Commentary of Elena Melnick on Ukrainian ideological dead-end

Some Ukrainian writer and political figure Vasily Shklyar made a statement on TV channel Espreso.TV that Ukraine did not need Crimea. He also emphasized that there were far more “conscientious” Ukrainians in the US than in Crimea, which was overcrowded with “natural” Russians.

Ukrainian mass media could attribute this statement to so-called “Kremlin propaganda” and accuse him of separatism, but his writer is a blatant Ukrainian nationalist. Many Ukrainian publishers, political experts and ex-officials accused Shklyar of writing xenophobic and anti-Semitic works, such as a novel called “Black raven”. Kiev could suffer an ideological fiasco, accusing one of the worshippers of Ukrainian rebels, who fought against Soviet power in 1920s, of the anti-Ukrainian position.

Shklyar rendered a similar opinion on Donbass in 2011. He proposed to reduce the territory of Ukraine, comparing the inhabitants of Donbass with “gangrene”.

I would like to add that there have been to many stories that the manifestation of hatred against other nations is welcome both on TV screens (pogroms in gypsy settlements in Kiev, anti-Semitic statements of the members of “Right Sector” bandit group, which is forbidden on the territory of the DPR) and at the official level in the government (neo-Nazi publications of the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) popping up in Ukrainian media in the recent past.

Having started blatant Russophobia with the approval of the West, the Ukrainian authorities should realize that neo-Nazi elements will succeed in it. And a way in all directions is closed with such personalities at the top and the violations of laws relating to the manifestation of hatred. In this regard, the Kiev puppets will face great shocks and reshuffle.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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