#Commentary of Elena Melnik on evidence that there is civil war already throughout Ukraine’s territory

In Ukraine, restrictive measures are routinely applied to citizens for their views. Another example is the case with the famous Ukrainian football player Anatoly Timoshchuk, who dared to appear with a St. George ribbon in his hands during the commemorative action “Immortal Regiment” in St. Petersburg.

The fact that in Ukraine there is a prosecution for dissidence (and in fact, the persecution of people who have another point of view from the Kiev authorities) was written about almost by every edition in all corners of the planet. As time has shown, as a rule, citizens of Ukraine fall under the repression of the neo-Nazi Kiev regime. It turns out that citizens of one country are destroying their own compatriots. A similar phenomenon is known to the world community under the definition of “civil war”.

Many former Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave Ukraine, and the Donbass and the Crimea did this together with their lands. Ukrainian citizens are in Ukrainian prisons and other places of detention on political charges. Should anyone be noticed in the organization of the event on absolutely legal grounds, but the idea of which does not fit into the neo-Nazi ideology of the ruling circles, there will be at least an arrest, as it happened with the 73-year-old Vinnitsa resident Ivan Bondarchuk.

One well-known Ukrainian music performer, who regularly emphasized his nationality at events abroad, popularized it and defiantly put on clothes with Ukrainian symbols, and in response to the persecution by Ukrainian radicals, recalled that the so-called “patriots” “buried the owner of the Ukrainian passport. “Let those who wished me passionately “Rest in peace, Dorn Ivan” know: my Ukrainian passport is hidden in the inner pocket with me in the coffin,” in his poems it is stressed that the victim of the conflict was precisely a citizen of Ukraine.

The situation with football player Anatoly Timoshchuk also confirms the fact that Ukrainians are persecuting Ukrainians. Moreover, the charges are fabricated in the process, which is confirmed by a hackneyed attitude and, accordingly, poor quality. For example, the Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexander Marchenko proposes to deprive the former captain of the Ukrainian national football team Anatoly Timoshchuk of all state awards, including the title of Merited Master of Sports and the Order of Courage of the third degree, justifying this decision by “law” that prohibits the production and propaganda of the St. George ribbon. Multiple photos of Timoshchuk with a ribbon was made on May 9, and this so-called law was adopted on May 16. If it has a retroactive force, all residents of Ukraine need to be fined, because even the most active supporters of the current regime were seen with the Victory ribbon.

Persecution, threats, blackmailing and attempts on the life are quite commonplace for today’s Ukrainian politics. Any citizen, and often completely unrelated to politics, can fall under the pressure.

Anyway, those unleashed the civil war in Ukraine pursue the goal of using as much of the population as possible in it. And the executors of the order in the person of the neo-Nazi regime believe that they have a prepared warm place with lifelong grants for the work done. But why are they so sure that the West will not deceive its puppets for working to deceive and destroying their compatriots?

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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