#Commentary of Elena Melnik on lack of progress in investigation of resonant cases of mass deaths in Ukraine

Head of the UN Monitoring Mission for Human Rights Fiona Frazer said that the investigation of the Odessa tragedy on May 2 and the death of people on Kiev’s Independence Square in 2014 stood still. Moreover, according to Ms. Frazer, the suspects in this case left the country and continue to avoid responsibility.

‘Post-maidan’ leaders have repeatedly loudly announced unprecedented reforms of the law-enforcement and judicial systems of Ukraine. A global cleansing was carried out both in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in the Ukrainian courts. Apparently, for this reason, the Ukrainian criminalist Sergey Iskruk, who took part in the investigation of the Odessa tragedy, is forced to hide in another country, leaving his family and job because of the threats he received from representatives of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office and some ‘conscious’ citizens. The reason for the threats was the conclusions of Mr. Iskruk, who established that the mass death of people in the House of Trade Unions was planned in advance. During the examination, Sergey Iskruk found chloroform in the blood and clothing of the dead and suspected, which under the influence of high temperatures transforms into a deadly toxic substance phosgene.

The expert concluded that poisoning with combat toxic substance was one of the causes of death in the House of Trade Unions. Another reason Sergey Istruk calls inaction of the law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Emergency Situations’ representatives, who did not stop the actions of nationalists in time. In this regard, I want to ask: what is the reason for the artificial inhibition of the investigation? Perhaps, the reason for that is that the main suspects at the moment are occupying state posts in Ukraine?

Personally, I very much doubt that in the near future the Ukrainian authorities will be able to conduct an honest investigation and the perpetrators of this case will be punished. In particular, the jurisdiction of this case has been changed three times because of the “shortage of personnel” in the Primorsky District Court of Odessa, and this is despite the fact that in Ukraine, there is a lot of highly qualified lawyers are pounding the pavement of employment centers.

The bloody Euromaidan can be described as a vivid example of the very same powerlessness of the Ukrainian law enforcement system. Judging by the sensational telephone conversation between Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton, it can be concluded that the ‘Maidan’ leaders Turchinov, Avakov and Pashinsky are behind the murders at the Institutskaya Street. But how can one prove it if the main suspects have now become ‘lords of the independent’, and the instrument of crime has long disappeared in the turbid waters of the Dnepr River? The most terrible thing in this situation is that all those involved in this crime will not say anything, because they are afraid.

In a country dominated by power and money, it is practically impossible to prove anything. The situation is unlikely to radically change, while those who are involved in the crimes rule. But recently people began to appear, such as Sergey Iskruk, who want the perpetrators to suffer a well-deserved punishment. I would like to hope that in Ukraine, there will be more of those who are trying to achieve the truth, and this will contribute to the search for those responsible for the mass burning of people in Odessa and the disclosure of the ‘secret of the sniper rifle’ on the Maidan.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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