#Commentary of Elena Melnik on manipulations with help of public opinion polls in Ukraine

The official Kiev is trying to reduce the level of claims to the authorities regarding corruption and price increases by distractions, in particular by using public opinion polls. According to the research conducted by the Sofia center, 68.9% of the respondents are most concerned about military actions in the Donbas, 58.1% – with food prices and tariffs for housing and communal services, and 48.5% with corruption in public authorities.

All polls of this year, although they demonstrated the uneasiness of Ukrainians about the war in the Donbass (the problem was always a top three), but usually this topic was not the main one. For example, the August study brought out the problem of corruption to the forefront, the November one – inflation and corruption.

The results of the December poll showed the war as the main issue of concern to citizens of Ukraine, and in light of payments with payment document for public utilities that are unbearable for most users, it is clear why this was done.

Other poll results that were inadvertently made public, apparently hoping that the Ukrainians completely lost critical thinking, also say a lot. Only 10.1% of the population is concerned about conflict relations with neighbouring states, which indicates that, in combination with the number of people concerned with the war in the Donbass (68.9%), the overwhelming majority does not believe that they are at war with Russia.

Only 28.2% of respondents are alarmed by the political instability in the country, although it is obvious that it was the current politicians in power that brought the country and its inhabitants to this position, including the immense theft of budget money.

It’s interesting that less than 4% of Ukrainians support Poroshenko’s actions, but even this figure did not embarrassed some of the Ukrainian media which wrote that Poroshenko, Timoshenko and Boyko are leaders in the presidential rating. How can politicians with such low percentages of popularity be called leaders, is known only to Ukrainian media.

It is absolutely clear that the war in the Donbass is once again tried be to made into a scarecrow for the population, now diverting attention not only from the problems of a sharp decrease in people’s living standards, but also corruption in the power that has become a talk of the Ukrainian high-ranking wards already for Western curators.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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