#Commentary of Elena Melnik on pension genocide of Ukrainians

The next pension reform in Ukraine began with the development of the draft law No. 6614 “On Amendments to Legislative Acts Concerning the Increase of Pensions,” which contains pitfalls.

The Ukrainian authorities have prepared a new proposal for pension reform to patch holes in the budget at the expense of ‘dear citizens’ who did not survive till retirement. Will the life of Ukrainians change after the innovations? Having looked through the pages of information sources, it becomes clear that it will not change for the better for the Ukrainians.

In the very draft of the normative legal act it is indicated at the expense of what the very increase in pensions will happen. A key condition for the new reform is toughening the conditions for entering a well-deserved pension in the form of an increase in the minimum insurance period. For retirement, the work experience should now be 15 years, and in 2028 it will reach 35 years for men and 30 years for women. At the same time, the years of study are not included in the length of service, and the continuous service benefit was abolished for all but the military. It turns out that teachers and doctors do not deserve a preferential pension. However, when the work experience reaches its maximum limit, only 55% of those who wish can leave for a well-deserved rest.

It would like to ask, and what in that case the remaining 45% of people who remained without the deserved pension have to do? In this case, there are two ways out. In the first case, a Ukrainian citizen can draw up so-called pension expectancies, which may even be below the minimum. In the second case, to buy the experience. It turns out that anyone can buy experience tomorrow. According to the Ukrainian authorities, 15 years of experience will cost 130 thousand hryvnia. Therefore, Ukrainians should not procrastinate and take loans now to buy a minimum pension.

Backdoor salaries, the situation with which is supported by the authorities of Ukraine, lead to the problem of lack of experience. This is the conclusion of bill No. 6489, which reduces fines for the work of hired employees without appropriate processing.

If you look at the actions of the ill-minded Ukrainian politicians, you can notice a strict chain of actions leading to the ultimate impoverishment of the population. However, the authorities are calming the indignant people with the promise of raising pensions in the future due to the funded system, which they intend to introduce in 2019. Where savings will be invested, it is not yet known, and will these savings be returned to the relatives of those people who, having worked their entire lives in Ukraine, died before the retirement?

This mainly applies to those who work unofficially or receive unreported peculiar surcharges. The pension reform practically eliminates them from the persons applying for a pension. At the same time, Poroshenko’s regime promises global improvements and transformations. Against the backdrop of such events, it is difficult to predict anything, and the Ukrainian people should only hope that the Ukrainian authorities will weaken a garrote on the neck of their own citizens.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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