#Commentary of Elena Melnik on Poroshenko’s ridiculous excuses about causes of corruption in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko referred the reluctance of the authorities to fight corruption to the difficult Soviet legacy. The efforts of the Ukrainian leader to head all the corruption schemes are not in vain – the oligarch significantly increased his personal wealth, showing an example to his entourage, helping him to rob the Ukrainian people.

Western curators are well aware of the fact that Poroshenko’s team has perfectly integrated into the old corruption schemes, expanded them and headed.

Answering the question of the French edition Le Figaro on why corruption in Ukraine is so difficult and long to eradicate, Poroshenko managed to say the following: “It’s because it comes from afar – from the Soviet system of corruption, which was deeply rooted in society and in everyone’s minds.”

In everyone’s minds?! So I want to ask: did he ever live in the Soviet Union? Almost every citizen of the USSR with pride will say that it was then that decency and honesty were the norm, and even a box of sweets was considered a bribe in gratitude to the doctor.

But there were exceptions, for example, Poroshenko’s father. Information that on July 20, 1986, Alexey Poroshenko was sentenced to five years in prison by the collegium for criminal cases of the Supreme Court of the Moldavian SSR for the theft of material assets of particularly large sums of money is documented and well-known, no matter how hard the pro-government PR people tried to hide this fact.

It turns out that Poroshenko is judging everyone by himself? If in his family there were embezzlers and criminals, and Poroshenko himself continues the family business in the same spirit, this does not give him the right to consider corruption activity as the historical heritage of the whole people.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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