#Commentary of Elena Melnik on Ukraine’s announcement of substituting journalism for ‘communication science’

According to Ukrainian media, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine initiates the introduction of a new subject area – “communication science”. The innovation is quite relevant for the ruling regime in Ukraine, since it is simply impossible to include what is happening with the media in the country in the concept of “journalism”.

Journalism implies the adherence to the principles defined in 1983 in Paris and Prague on the basis of the UNESCO Declaration. In Ukraine, all these norms are ignored and grossly violated. This, in particular, was announced in May this year by the International Federation of Journalists Philippe Leruth, who called the sanctions of the Ukrainian authorities against a number of Russian mass media a form of censorship. Also, Leruth noted that freedom of speech and freedom of the press were the basic values of democracy throughout the world, especially in situations of tension.

On the part of the Ukrainian authorities there is a cynical violation of democratic norms, the commitment to which they vow all the time. The Kiev regime did not hesitate to impose a ban on the use of social networks to block access to Ukrainian citizens to the information published from independent sources. These flagrant violations of freedom of speech became the norm for today’s Ukrainian state. To prohibit the popular mean of communication and at the same time to advocate the emergence of “communication science” – is it not yet another manifestation of the dissonance inherent in the current Ukrainian government?

Of course, journalists in such a country are not needed. However, it is necessary to continue working in the information field in the conditions of severe restrictions and censorship in order to promote false information fudge, necessary for the Kiev regime. Apparently, now Ukrainian universities will release exactly such specialists – communication scientists, not burdened with journalistic ethics and principles.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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