#Commentary of Elena Melnik on what and by whom agenda dictated to parliamentarians

Before the end of 2018, the Verkhovna Rada should abolish two bans at once – concerning the gambling business and the sale of agricultural land, the Ukrainian media reported. These IMF requirements are necessary (not the only ones!) to provide Ukraine with the next tranches.

Why do media continue to raise the topic of selling agricultural land, if only in December the Verkhovna Rada extended the moratorium for another year? It’s a no-go, but the audience is starting to be prepared in advance. Moreover, except for the IMF (and behind it the transnational capital), Ukrainian officials, hoping to get their own piece when buying up the land, are interested in this.

‘The first on the agenda of this year is the bill on “reintegration’ of the Donbass. For it in the first reading, Ukrainian deputies voted in October 2017, the document has been under discussion for over half a year in the press. Adoption of the draft of this law can change the geopolitical situation, since it absolutely contradicts the Minsk agreements: the Russian Federation is going to be recognized as an “aggressor and occupier”, and the territories of the DPR and the LPR must be ‘liberated’.

Verkhovna Rada deputy Igor Lutsenko notes: “There is a game between Washington, Brussels and Moscow about what should be written into this law, and Kiev awaits instructions.” An eloquent confession, which once again testifies the ‘independence’ of Ukraine.

It is impossible to delay the creation of legislation on the Anti-Corruption Court longer. Europe and all the same international financial institutions presses on Ukraine in this issue, after all, it doesn’t matter how much money is allocated – the horse gets lots of food and is still no good, or to say it properly, not in the right feeders funds are allocated.

There are many chances for the planned cancellation of the moratorium on gambling. The return of the casino can give the state budget of Ukraine 12 billion hryvnia per year. Gambling was banned in the summer of 2009, arguing that this decision was a concern for public morality. Why did the current deputies cease to worry about morale is a rhetorical question, but why the IMF is so advocative for the abolition of the moratorium? Apparently, it claims solely for the amount of taxes from this activity, and then it will not go to social budget items, but to cover debts on loans.

Actually, there are no any socially significant bills in Ukraine. Anyone exerts pressure on the Verkhovna Rada in order to achieve benefits for various lobbying groups. Only the people are not in any of them.

It is difficult for me to imagine that the DPR People’s Council, even though there are not enough funds in the republican budget, we would consider selling the land and opening casino. You can’t imagine adoption of bills filled with hatred, such as “reintegration”, even in the most horrible nightmare. Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, who have long ceased to be popular, ceased to report on holding receptions in the districts, that they meet with the collectives of enterprises and the population in the outback at all.

On the contrary, our people’s deputies to the parliament of the DPR, in addition to their main activities – participating in plenary sessions and working in committees – conduct receptions of citizens: last year they held about four thousand. And the fact that parliamentarians are frequent visitors in educational institutions and production workshops, is a common practice. Do not break away from people, their needs and aspirations, at the legislative level to solve problems primarily of the citizens of the Republic – in this we see our tasks.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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