#Commentary of Elena Melnik on what Poroshenko learns from Skoropadsky and Petlyura

On January 22, Ukraine celebrated the Day of ‘Unity’, that is, celebrated the date when the formal union of the Ukrainian People’s Republic with the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic took place. Actual unification did not happen, and by the summer of 1919 the ZUNR (West Ukrainian People’s Republic) ceased to exist.

Current Ukrainian politicians ignore the fact that Soviet Russia, in fact, created the Ukrainian state. However, it is not customary to mention this in the ‘independent’. But even from the lips of hardcore liars the truth breaks through. Evidence of this was a festive speech by Poroshenko.

In his speech, he shared with his fellow citizens his own list of literature that was compulsory for reading – it included Skoropadsky’s memoirs and Petliura’s propaganda brochure. The irony of the situation is not even in the content of the latter, but in the final of the history of the activities of these two in Ukraine – both fled.

The current president of Ukraine is driven into the corner from all sides. On the one hand, Western supervisors demand fulfilment of obligations. This is the adoption of the “anti-corruption” law, the introduction of the Package of Measures in the legal field of Ukraine and, basically, the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine. Poroshenko did none of this. Moreover, a scandalous law on ‘reintegration’ was adopted. The result was the information leaked in the media about the possible cancellation of visa-free travel for Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian nationalist forces, who continue to demand a full-scale war, pressurize Poroshenko. And all this against the backdrop of the deteriorating economic situation in Ukraine, the steady decline of the hryvnia, the rise in price for utilities, the growth of prices for socially important goods, and so on.

Actually, yes! It’s high time to read the memoirs of Skoropadsky, who fled from Kiev after the defeat of the German troops. Or get inspired by Petlyura’s methodologies, who, too, did not stay in Kiev and fled. Although no matter how intense one memorizes the nationalist methodologies, the truth will slip, like it happened with Poroshenko, who on the air said that “the boot of the Ukrainian occupant is trampling the Ukrainian land of the Crimea, the Donetsk and Lugansk region.” Indeed, part of the Donbass, Ukrainian occupiers are still trampling. But this is temporary. The fate of the authors of the books recommended by Poroshenko confirms this conclusion.

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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