#Commentary of Elena Melnik on why ‘myths are debunked’ in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the process of decommunization – rejecting everything that connects Ukraine with the Soviet past – is being actively running. One of the elements of this connection was the system of free medicine and disease prevention. Perhaps, within the framework of this campaign Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun on her Facebook page has ‘debunked’ another ‘myth’ that “sitting on the cold” can lead to inflammation of the bladder.

According to Suprun, sitting on the cold surface can lead to a deceptive feeling of the need for frequent urination, and this is supposedly not harmful to health. Such ‘dispelling of myths’ are combined with the permission of the minister to wet the place of the mantoux vaccination, the proposal to replace the fluorography with the questionnaire and other initiatives designed to break with the traditions of Soviet medicine.

Suprun makes such quasiscientific statements constantly. They are slowly creating in the information field the rationale for what is happening in Ukraine is quite normal. And free medicine, ambulance service and other vestiges of the Soviet period are myths and deception. The consequence of such ‘debunking’ will undoubtedly be the dubious professional qualification of Ukrainian doctors, who draw knowledge, on the advice of the very Suprun, from American TV series.

This stovepiping is designed for mass consciousness, for an average Ukrainian citizen who does not understand the essence of the matter and is inclined to trust the authorities. So gradually, ministers, politicians, public figures, such as Suprun, who plant pseudoscientific obscurantism through the media, become unquestioned authorities. For now people who received secondary and higher education of the Soviet model are on the way of the process, but the Ukrainian government ruthlessly fights with the vestige.

When the remnants of the Soviet past are destroyed, they will try to convince the Ukrainian citizen that freezing in cold apartments is useful, starvation and a meagre diet prolong life, and increasing the retirement age positively affects the psyche of the elderly. The consciousness of Ukrainians will be filled with what is beneficial to the authorities and allows to draw out of the people as much money as possible for the oligarchic elite. In this sense, Suprun (read: Dr. Death) clearly fulfils the prescription from Dr. Goebbels: “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

Elena Melnik, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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