#Commentary of Elena Shishkina on Zelensky’s contradictory statements

Mr. Zelensky is distinguished by his ability to make statements that are completely polar opposite in nature. On the one hand, he announces his readiness to fulfil the conditions of the Minsk agreements, on the other, he speaks of some conditions for lifting the economic blockade from the Donbass.

It is obvious that in the latter case that it’s none other than Kolomoisky who speaks through Zelensky’s mouth, and who has long looked at the Donbass industry of as a tasty morsel. However, the new president of Ukraine forgets that blocking social, economic and other connections of entire territories and people living on them not only violates all conceivable and inconceivable laws protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, but also contradicts the Minsk Set of Measures agreements directly signed by the Ukrainian party.

Addressing Mr. Zelensky, I’d like to say: you do not need to reinvent the wheel and engage in empty searches for ways to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. You just need to start following the Minsk agreements: to hear people living on this land and thirsting for peace, to withdraw troops, rein in the nationalists, stop shelling, return deserved retirement pensions to the elderly and stop the persecution of dissidents. All this is spelled out in the Minsk-2.

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