#Commentary of Elena Shishkina on Zelensky’s speech at 74th session of UN General Assembly

Only populist statements can be heard in the speeches of Ukrainian presidents. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Elena Shishkina in her commentary to the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

ʺThe Ukrainian president demonstrated a bullet, with which, according to him, an opera singer Vasily Slipak was killed in Donbass. Ms. Zelensky underlined that the price of the life of the best baritone in the world was 10 dollars – that is how much a bullet costs. At the same time, the Ukrainian president forgot to say that a crowd favourite Vasily Slipak had come to Donbass as a volunteer and as a part of the Ukrainian corps “Right Sector”. He came here to kill people that reside in Donbass and destroy those, who had expressed their discontent with an illegal coup, which took place in Ukraine.

Time is marching on, but, unfortunately, almost nothing has changed in Ukraine yet. Its presidents make speeches at the UN General Assembly, bring some kind of stage props with them – parts of the bus, which was blown up by a mine by the side of the road, some documents allegedly seized from Russian occupiers, bullets, data on victims, number of casualties and the destruction of infrastructure. Only their populist statements on the desire to stop the war and Russia’s unsubstantiated accusations of aggression towards Ukraine remain unchanged,ʺ Elena Shishkina said.

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