#Commentary of Marina Zheinova on failure of Ukraine’s budget policy

Not so long ago, the Ukrainian government aimed at reducing the level of the national debt of the country from 72% to 60% of GDP by 2020, and Poroshenko rejoiced at another financial handout of €1 billion, which, incidentally, further tightened the debt loop around the neck of an ordinary Ukrainian . But the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reports that at present the country is moving in the opposite direction.

Of course, it is difficult to assess the level of Ukrainian economists and financiers’ professional training, but it is a matter of concern that, according to the website of Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance, “the deficit of the state budget for January-May 2018 amounted to 9.2 billion hryvnia. At the same time last year the state budget for the same period was reduced to a surplus of 26.5 billion hryvnia.” The country’s budget deficit is dragging from year to year with the speed of geometric progression, but where did the last year’s surplus came from?

Drastic deviations of the expenditure part of Ukraine’s budget were felt by ordinary teachers like nobody else, who can remain without pay at all. And the fault is the very redistribution of funds. As they say, lay one’s own fault at somebody else’s door.

The truth is, the Ukrainian government reported that thanks to financial decentralization local budgets have already gained three times as much money! But there is still no money for wages. And this including the fact that the educational subvention is only for teachers’ salaries, the maintenance personnel is not even counted here.

In fact, the funds have not been put into local budgets – they hoped, as usual, for the state budget. And the latter was made up (unexpectedly) with a deficit. Who is guilty? New gag orders will not be surprising for the talking heads: the teachers preparing incompetent specialists are the ones to blame! How do you like that?..

Marina Zheinova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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