#Commentary of Marina Zheynova on failure of Ukrainian agricultural products’ export to Europe, or offering Switzerland own cheese

After the ‘Maidan’, the rapid de-industrialization of Ukraine began. By the fourth year, the most sensible part of Ukrainian experts and politicians even began to understand that this is a road to nowhere. They talked about turning Ukraine into an agrarian country. But the reality may be even worse: the ‘independent’ is not needed in Europe with a strong agro-industrial complex, Europe needs just a raw material appendage, nothing more.

Thus, the report of the Foreign Service of Agriculture of the US Agriculture Ministry refers to the failure of Kiev sales of dairy products in the EU since the beginning of the free trade zone. The report analyzes in detail the export of milk, butter, hard cheeses, etc. The conclusions are not comforting. Ukrainian products cannot be competitive in the European market, the country’s livestock is declining, Ukrainians prefer cheaper low-quality products in the domestic market. For the first time in its history, Ukraine will become a net importer of hard cheeses. Besides, the report emphasizes that the quality of Ukrainian products does not comply with the European standards.

The only victory of Ukraine is the export of casein. It remains stable, the same as it was before the start of the free trade zone with the EU.

Of course, common sense could have hinted Ukrainians before signing an association agreement with the EU and breaking off trade relations with Russia that the supply of hard cheeses to Switzerland or France is in fact a stupid idea. But for this there must be common sense.

As a result, Europe has even stopped hiding the fact that an agreement on a free trade zone is more beneficial to it than to Ukraine. In particular, the report on the implementation of this agreement says that the trade with Ukraine turned out to be much more profitable for the EU itself than for Kiev. True, this is explained by the decline in the Ukrainian economy in 2015.

At the same time, Brussels constantly requires Kiev to cancel the moratorium on the trade of round timber, or permits for the sale of agricultural land. They press on Kiev with the same thing: they refuse to provide the next tranche. And if there are no tranches, what will the Ukrainian authorities steal?

After this, it is quite obvious that Ukraine is not only a donor of cheap raw materials for Europe, but literally its colony. And the government, brought to power after the Maidan, has sold Ukraine into the European slavery.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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