#Commentary of Marina Zheynova on how ‘Cossacks’ auction Ukraine off

Waiting for the next IMF tranche, the Ukrainian leadership is once again willing to do everything possible and impossible only to get a titbit. It is clear to every Ukrainian citizen that this is another financial bondage for decades, that all the billions of dollars in this case will no longer help. People will not even see them, but the consequences of the privatization of State-owned enterprises announced by Vladimir Groysman will have to be learnt the hard way.

Let`s recall the report of the IMF on Ukraine: “The level of corruption in Ukraine is an emergency, one of the biggest challenges for the country. The concentration of political, economic power in the hands of a small group of people nearly kills the country.” And yet, the IMF’s leadership beckons Ukrainian politicum with the tranche, as if it beckons a rabbit with a carrot. The purpose of such handouts is not to care for the country’s prosperous economic future, but solely to force the country into credit bondage with a view to the future. One day, they will have to give this money back that doesn’t exist. There is a state sale at bargain prices affiliated with the IMF structures. The diagram has already been tried out.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman has recently stated that the privatization will henceforth take place under English law. And it is okay that there is no case law in Ukraine as there is one in the Anglo-Saxon countries, and there can be no ‘English law’ in courts. This is purely theoretical though… One of the requirements of the IMF was judicial reform, and, as it was usually done in the Ukrainian way, it was possible to put the cart before the horse and introduce English law. Do you remember this: “What laws”? ”We have democracy”?

The moratorium on the sale of land was not quickly lifted and no one needs popular resentment against the backdrop of communal and other “Maidans” yet, but it is possible to try selling by auction the Odessa Port Plant, Kharkov-, Zaporozhe-, Nikolaev-, Khmelnytsky-,Ternopoloblenergo and Centrenergo.

The privatization process is being worked on in the Ukrainian parliament. It is noteworthy how some deputies were striped of parliamentary immunity the other day. A clear signal is given: who will not cooperative with the power, a similar fate awaits them.

The representative of the World Bank Satu Kahkonen had said the other day that if a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land was not lifted, assistance to Ukraine might be in question. And the deadline is January 2018.

So, Ukraine is going under the hammer. This is only the beginning…

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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