#Commentary of Marina Zheynova on inadequacy of policy in Ukrainian energy sector

The Head of the Ministry of Energy Igor Nasalik stated that the payment for necessary coal, which had been offered by the United States, was a safety measure.

His example of a transport blockade was not entirely appropriate, as it only proved that Ukraine was a highly inadequate client. ʺThe coal from the Russian Federation costs 78-80-82 dollars per ton today, the one from South Africa costs 97 dollars for Ukraine and 111-113 dollars from the United States. But do not look at cheap fish. The situation with the supply of coal from the Russian Federation is almost the same as the supply from uncontrolled territory. At any time, a single-person solution can stop these supplies,ʺ Nasalik said.

As far as we all remember, the transport blockade of Donbass imposed by the neo-Nazi forces was supported personally by Petr Poroshenko. That is, the words of the Head of the Ministry of Energy “a single-person solution” refers to the Ukrainian president. Because he was the one who had institutionalized the blockade. By such actions, Ukraine seriously discredits itself and is perceived as a weak counterpart.

However, private Ukrainian energy companies keep buying Russian coal. Their owners, as well as the representatives of the EU’s market, know that the Russian Federation is a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons. Ukraine seems to be willing to harm the reputation of a neighbouring state at the cost of its own life.

Until then, there is another rift related to the accusations of “Ukrtrangaz” against “Naftogaz” of refusing to invest in the gas system and the government is no longer able to conceal the obvious problems, which the population faces. Rolling blackouts, lack of hot water in a number of populated areas, lack of hot water in radiators during a heating season, lack of gas – a solution to each of these problems is essential for any government, and together they are also intractable. And if you add huge, rising tariffs and an early heating season, there is a pretty good chance of a communal collapse.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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