#Commentary of Marina Zheynova on increasing of corruption scale in Ukraine

The following interesting news from Ukraine: now the Kiev government under the guise of needs for the state grabs and launches business at the expense of budgetary funds. Raiding with direct participation of the Ukrainian leadership’s representatives has reached an unprecedented scale. Western investors are ready to flee the country, but the thing is that for them, the investments in Ukraine turned out to be ‘one-way ticket’.

Anyone who follows the news knows that the raider attack on the gas station network BRSM-NAFTA has been going on for two and a half years. Appeals to President Poroshenko and Prosecutor General Lutsenko were unsuccessful. According to Ukrainian media, the raider attack is headed by the head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov. And Prime Minister Groysman says that he has already declared war on the controlling bodies. The circle is closed.

It is noteworthy that a new player, the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Company, approaches the market for the sale of petroleum products on the basis of the network of the BRSM-NAFTA petrol station, the management of which for all this time has not managed to repel the raider attack of the state officials. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the situation around the Odessa refinery, which in 2015 was transferred to “responsible storage” to the SE Ukrtransnaftoprodukt. By the way, again, the persecution of former managers of the refinery became more active, they are declared wanted, etc.

At the end of the scheme, Ukrainian financial terrorists take hostage of the official distributor of the Shell company in Ukraine. The company’s management does not accept ‘fancy’ suggestions of Ukrainian officials, therefore, it has problems with fiscal services. And if earlier raiding prospered and concerned exclusively the internal user, today, cynicism of the insatiable Ukrainian oligarchy is surprised by the scale. As one says, they encroached on the sacred – Western companies that cannot feel comfortable in Ukraine.

The Kiev authorities continue to die in agony. No matter how much Ukraine claims that they are open to investors, but as long as there is corruption, there will be no real changes and actions on the part of the state, any statements will remain exclusively populist.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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