#Commentary of Marina Zheynova on results of calculating ‘by autumn’ of economic results of Ukraine’s introduction of Donbass blockade

The leadership of Ukraine already directly and straight from the shoulder recognizes that the trade and transport blockades of the Republics have negatively affected the economy of the ‘independent’. Only in 2017, its economy has lost 1.8 billion dollars. Previously, Groisman claimed that Ukraine was losing from 2 to 4 billion UAH a month from the trade blockade of the Republics.

At that, the Kiev authorities continue talking about attracting investments, not taking into account the fact that first of all, it is necessary to defeat the high level of corruption and remove the bureaucratic obstacles created to get a bribe for overcoming them. All this negates foreign investments in the economy of Ukraine. It is not necessary to hope for handouts in the form of tranches from the IMF: the time has come when it is necessary to give more than what comes in the form of loans. Only in 2017, after receiving a tranche of $ 1 billion, the Ukrainian authorities had to pay $ 1.268 billion. And peak payments fall just on 2019-2020. In 2019, they will have to pay about $ 7 billion.

Thus, there is nobody Ukraine can hope for, and for a long time it has become unaccustomed to rely on its own forces.

The Republics, on the contrary, can safely say that the trade blockade opened up new opportunities for them. And though it was difficult at first, we are becoming more and more self-sufficient, we find new markets, and the state of Ukraine cannot influence this situation in any way.

So, we have reoriented our economy to new rails, to the Russian market, which opened up closer cooperation between our Republics and the Russian Federation. It also served as an incentive for the development of their enterprises in the food and agricultural industries and in industry. According to the Central Statistical Office, the total volume of agricultural and industrial products sold for January-October 2017 amounted to 132 billion rubles!

I will give significant examples.

  • Shakhtyorsk Poultry Farm, which already practically covers the Republic’s demand for poultry meat (planned 100% coverage – III quarter of 2018);
  • State Enterprise “Greenhouses of Donbass” – manufacture of own production, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables;
  • Many plants for processing and producing meat, sausage and other meat products;
  • Yuzovsky Metallurgical Plant – the pride of the Republic – the plant, which had to be rebuilt from scratch, already produces steel that goes not only to the domestic market, but also for export;
  • Khartsyzsk wire cable plant Silur has also resumed its work;
  • The number of newly discovered longwalls in mines is increasing; the other day a new longwall face is to be launched at the mine of Zasyadko, which to this day is subject to on-and-off bombardments, but this does not stop either the leadership of the provisional administration or our esteemed miners. For the first time the industry has ceased to be unprofitable and pays taxes to the budget of the Republic.

And this is only a small list of those achievements that we managed to achieve by joint efforts. Yes, we still have many problems that we inherited from Ukraine and that hadn’t been solved for decades, but I believe that as a whole the blockade benefited us.

And time will tell who will win, but the facts already speak about which side has more advantages.

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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