#Commentary of Marina Zheynova on Ukraine’s attempts to save income from gas transit to Europe

Another Ukrainian official, following Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Rosenko, decided that he could give advice and order the Americans. The head of Naftogaz of Ukraine Andrey Kobolev in an interview with The Wall Street Journal called on the administration of US President Donald Trump to impose sanctions against companies participating in the Nord Stream-2 project.

Ukraine, which is actively opposing this project, is doing everything possible to prevent the gas pipeline from being built, even if this will cause financial damage to European companies. Naturally, Ukraine wants to save its $2 billion a year from the transit of Russian gas and remain a key player – the transit country of natural gas to Europe.

It’s amazing that Ukrainian nouveau riches use the same tactics of punishment of competitors in the international arena as they do in Ukraine. Poroshenko, with his pocket prosecutor and cabinet, can easily destroy any project in which the chocolate oligarch has no interests. He can muscle in on something. He can even legalize the blockade of the neighbouring region, as it was with the Crimea and the Donbass. But all this is possible in Ukraine, but not beyond its borders.

It’s no secret that in Ukrainian politics there is absolutely no sense of delicacy in behaviour and communication not only with its partners, but also “masters”. Poroshenko even managed to explain the Nord Stream-2 construction with Russia’s revenge for the decision of the Stockholm Court of Arbitration. By the way, Gazprom was surprised by such conclusions of the Ukrainian leader. Apparently, Poroshenko’s consultants did not remind their patron that the memorandums of cooperation and shareholders’ agreements on the Nord Stream-2 project were signed about two years ago, long before the event, which Poroshenko refers to. It’s strange that he did not add at the same time: “Ukraine is a reliable partner who is ready to cooperate with Russian colleagues and receive $2 billion from them for high-quality gas transportation services.”

I would like to remind President Poroshenko that the Trump administration has already pointed out his place, and a press conference in the US (alone on the courtyard) is an excellent confirmation of that. Now Poroshenko is in Paris, where he is being down-to-earth explained the meaning of the famous phrase “nothing personal, only business.”

Marina Zheynova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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