#Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on attempts to Ukrainize Donbass and educational policy of modern Ukraine

An educational system is a peculiar kind of marker that shows the state of society. Initially, it is a school that shows what is up with a state in general, whether it is a healthy state and whether it has future. Ukraine is a vivid example of how school education demonstrates and shows the processes that are under way in the society.

Not long ago, there were reviews on quotations from a geography textbook for the 8th grade of general educational institutions, the textbook which was written by Maslyaka P.O. and Kapirulina S.L. and marked “Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine” back in 2016, in the Internet and in some Ukrainian media.

Here are a few quotes from this textbook. And it is not a fake, below are the scans of this textbook’s pages. So, “Ukraine, in fact, used to have the same boundaries for thousands of years. People used to do the same thing here as today, they grew wheat and rye, vegetables and fruits, raised cattle. They plied their trade and hunted, bartered ware for ware with different peoples. Antiquity researchers noted the athletic physique of men, their courage and warlike character, as well as the beauty of women. Is it not the characterization of modern Ukrainian people? Ukrainians used to be an insurmountable shield between Asia and Europe for thousands of years, defending the latter from the raids of nomadic tribes. And the same happens today, when the Ukrainian heroes-warriors confront the Russian imperial ambitions”; “Incredibly rich, diverse and beautiful nature of Ukraine gave rise to the Ukrainian nation’s phenomenal qualities, which it has spread all over the world. Everywhere on Earth, where there are chernozem soils, Ukrainians live and work the land there, the oldest agricultural nation of the world”; “Today, the whole world eats genetically Ukrainian, Tripoli wheat, which was imported to the USA, Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Argentina”; “American scientists consider Ukrainians to be the oldest nation in the world. They substantiate their assertions by the fact that the Ukrainian nation is the only one in the world that originates from the millennial history of matriarchy. A word “human” is a feminine word only in Ukrainian language. A word “man” also is a female gender, while it is a masculine one in other nations’ languages. Even “a little man” is a feminine word in Ukrainian language. In Russian language, a word “child” is a masculine word”.

These are just a few quotes from the textbook by which the Ukrainian authorities are already teaching children in Ukraine. It is quite difficult to comment on their illiteracy, as difficult as commenting on schizophrenic delusion. That is, on the basis of the text, we can speak of symptoms and the progress of mental illness, we can make medical analysis to diagnose, but it is impossible to refute this nonsense and it is harmful tt mental state.

There are many manipulations and propaganda in this “masterpiece”. The authors refer to some American scientists in one of the presented quotations, but do not provide information about them. There is neither reference to scientific works nor names. The only thing they need is to include references to the Ukrainian media in the part, where the Ukrainian “heroes” fight with “the Russian aggression”.

When you read this textbook, you do not know what is scarier: its blatant illiteracy or those ideas that it gives to children. Why the first is scarier? Upbringing of illiterate, foolish and, therefore, uncompetitive person. This textbook puts an end to the future of Ukrainian science, education and, as a consequence, the future of Ukraine in the industrial world.

However, given that it is not only a collection of nonsense or schizophrenic delusion, but also that such books bring up not just stupid, but mentally ill people. The second is scary due to the introduction of ideas of exclusivity of the Ukrainian nation in educational system, the ideas which are based on messianic complex of inferiority. That, in fact, is a harbinger and basis for Nazism.

But this is not even the most important thing. The authors of this textbook were to get an education, defend a final thesis, as well as the whole team of the employees of the Ukrainian educational ministry, who endorsed this textbook. Society should have been prepared for the release and introduction of such textbooks for more than one year. And this preparation was expressed in aggressive Ukrainization in Donbass.

Today, it is possible to hear sometimes that there was no Ukrainization in Donbass and that nobody forbade us to speak Russian. But we remember perfectly well how many schools with the Russian language of education left in Donbass by 2014, we remember a distortion of history, propaganda and what textbooks were offered to children of Donbass in the 1990s. Thus, only 182 schools with the Russian language of education left in the Donetsk region by 2012, which was only 16.85% of their total number. If we talk about textbooks, it is enough to remember the book entitled “Ukraine: History” by Orest Subtelny. Of course, the authors of the geography textbook for the 8th grade are his followers.

Blatant illiteracy, parochialism, narrow-mindedness, which border with psychiatric diagnosis, appeared not by chance. It is the fruit of a purposeful long-term policy of the Ukrainian state. Ukraine has long chosen its course. A course into the abyss. And we are going different ways.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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