#Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on imposition of sanctions by Ukraine on “Yandex”, “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki” and “Mail.ru”

Decree No. 133/2017 on the imposition of sanctions against natural and legal persons has been posted on the website of the President of Ukraine today. As indicated therein, today, that is, from the day of publication, it comes into force. I am in the sanctions list too, so I decided to comment on this Poroshenko’s gimmick.

Of course, this topic will be discussed for a very long time on TV, in courts, on the Internet and even on the benches near porches. This may have been one of the desired results. However, such an ambitious solution could not have been taken without consequences. Or could it?

Many questions will now be asked about the Kiev regime. By blocking “Yandex” and “Mail.ru” mail services, the would-be rulers have not yet reported to the public what alternative they have prepared for teachers and students of educational institutions, industrialists, health and office workers and other e-mail users on the servers of the companies that have been sanctioned.

I wonder if e-money users will have time to withdraw their funds. And the blocking of popular social networks in Ukraine, according to the Poroshenko’s regime, is a vivid manifestation of democracy and freedom in Ukrainian way? And the question is: Who are the Ukrainian trolls going to break their spears in front of? The audience is cut off now because of the Poroshenko.

By copying word for word from the data of the “Peacemaker” resource, the list preparers did not even bother to update the information. Our late colleague Vladimir Makovich was also added to the sanctions lists, in which journalists and just ordinary citizens would find many more conflicts and errors. Moreover, the existence of a large number of spelling errors in an official document only suggests that the lists themselves were made either hastily or by extremely incompetent people.

The discontent of citizens and the enormity of the problems associated with this decision will now become a pain in the neck to the neo-Nazi regime, which this power will not be able to eliminate without its consequences.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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