#Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on inciting hatred by Ukrainian TV hosts over language

Recently, the host of the Ukrainian TV channel ZIK, Ostap Drozdov, kicked away a Russian-speaking journalist out of the studio for refusing to speak Ukrainian. After a brief discussion on this topic, Drozdov decided to explain his decision by a post in Facebook. It turns out that the Ukrainian-speaking population was forced to “tolerate the dominance” of the Russian language, and the Russian-speaking population is the “pledge of war”.

It is worth recalling that in the 10th article of the Constitution of Ukraine it is stated that “Ukraine guarantees free development, use and protection of the Russian and other languages…”. It turns out that Drozdov at least violated the basic law, and specifically the citizen’s right to use the Russian language. Nevertheless, on Ukrainian TV channels very often the various ‘political scientists’ and the current officials say that the Russian language is not oppressed by anybody.

But the most interesting thing about Drozdov’s treatment of Russian-speaking Ukrainians is that he deliberately gloats and consciously takes upon himself the mission of revenge for the alleged discomfort of the Ukrainian-speaking population: “Don’t you like it? This is the discomfort that Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians have been experiencing because of you for a quarter of a century.”

I do not remember the cases when Ukrainians were kicked from the studio for refusing to speak Russian. On the contrary, I recall controversies in both languages, not only on Ukrainian TV. In addition, an example of today’s Ukrainian journalism Ostap Drozdov called those who do not can speak the language, ‘handicaps’. And if they can, but do not want to speak this language, then who are these citizens?

I am sure that there are no so-called bad languages, cities, dishes and so on. All these highlights and features that emphasize the identity of the people have to be presented the world with love, and not forcibly, as Ukraine does with its citizens. And yes, it is Ukraine, and not individuals, since the authorities in no way oppose the grossest violations of their own constitution.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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