#Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on language in which Mariupol residents praise Ukrainian

Residents of Mariupol on the Day of Ukrainian writing and language, which was celebrated on November 9 in Ukraine, expressed their attitude to the language mainly in Russian. At this time, Poroshenko was glorifying the ‘thousand-year’ history of the country, during which the Ukrainian language was being allegedly tempered. The special exaggerated absurdity of everything that concerns this topic has turned the language problem into an apple of discord.

The Donbass could not agree with the forced Ukrainization, reinforced immediately after the coup d’état, and detached itself from Ukraine.

Poroshenko continues to shamelessly declare that the only state – Ukrainian – language is supposedly a pledge of solidarity and a powerful weapon.

The video survey among Mariupol residents showed that the overwhelming majority of them speak Russian at home, few people could barely remember a few lines of famous Ukrainian songs and poems. I am sure that we would see the same picture when polling Donetsk or Lugansk residents. Of course, we are united by the language – the Russian language, and whatever the contrary, one day everything will fall into place, and everyone will speak the language they love and know. In the very Europe, where Ukraine so strives to, in most countries several languages are legislatively fixed as state.

Here in the Republic, unlike in Ukraine, languages are not oppressed, Ukrainian is studied in schools, there are chairs of this language at philological faculties. All this is done without violence or prohibitions.

Language is not to blame for the fact that unscrupulous politicians make from it an artificial problem, manipulating man’s basic things. Understanding the reason for such a behaviour, it is possible to disarm this ‘powerful weapon’, and Russophobia, of which the rejection of the Russian language in favour of the Ukrainian one is part, to can be sent to the dump of ineffective political technologies.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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