#Commentary of Miroslav Rudenko on spreading of Ukrainian neo-Nazism under Kiev authorities’ patronage

Today, in the territory of Ukraine, the neo-Nazi movement is acquiring an increasingly large and frightening character. There are torchlight processions in the Kiev centre, Bandera’s war criminal and Nazis from OUN-UPA are appointed heroes of Ukraine by the current official authorities. The Nazi contagion in the neo-banderist guise has spread across the country.

All this is happening at the time when there are many facts that confirm the cooperation of OUN-UPA with the fascist Germany. In the Act of the Proclamation of the Ukrainian State, announced in the evening of June 30, 1941, in Lvov, the organization’s goal was clearly spelled out: “The emerging Ukrainian state will work closely with the National Socialist Great Germany, which, under the leadership of its leader, Adolph Hitler, creates a new order in Europe and in the world”. Despite the irrefutable facts of Bandera adherents’ crimes, stemming directly from the ideological orientation of Dontsov’s integral nationalism (based on the classical doctrines of fascism – ed.), the current Kiev regime is trying in every way not only to hide the horrors performed by Ukrainian nationalists during the Great Patriotic War, but also to glorify them. It is known that the supporters of this ideology took an open part in organizing such acts of genocide as the Lvov Jew bashing and the Volyn massacre, during which the Polish, Jewish and Ukrainian population was being destroyed.

Raising of Bandera to the power of the hero of Ukraine and recognition of OUN-UPA members as fighters for Ukraine’s independence automatically lead to the weighting of modern right-wing radicals in the Ukrainian public space and cause a lot of questions not only in Ukraine but also in the West, as evidenced by the fresh critical material of The New York Times columnist Edward Dolinsky.

However, while Poroshenko and Co. are engaged in the heroization of Bandera, modern right-wing radicals openly dictate their conditions to the current authorities, and the latter is no longer able to fully control the new generation of “fighters for freedom.” With such an approach, Ukraine’s prospects are extremely vague: the gradual destruction of the state, the anarchization of public life, the growing chaos and atamanship, where just another Bandera’s fans will feel comfortable, and only if they are stuck in their beloved caches.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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