#Commentary of Natalia Pshenichnaya on establishment of DPR’s Youth Parliament

One of the most actual tasks, which the authority faces today, is the involvement of youth in the government. This mechanism is in the process of being established, that is why it is necessary to form effective structures to protect the rights and interests of youth. A public, advisory and consulting body in the form of the Youth Parliament will be this structure.

The Committee of Ethics, Rules and Organization of the People’s Council’s Work has developed a draft resolution “On the establishment of the DPR’s Youth Parliament” to implement and ensure the regulatory and legal base of the initiative of the “Young Republic” public organization, which was announced at the IV Republican Congress of Organizations and supported by the Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin and the People’s Council.

The establishment of the Youth Parliament aimed at the identification of socially active young people and their involvement in the activities of legislative and executive branches of government, in programs of social and economic development. In addition, the Youth Parliament will become a personnel reserve of public administration.

With regard to the content of the draft resolution, I note that it regulates the Youth Parliament’s activity and determines the procedure for the formation of its composition, as well as the organization and conduct of elections of its deputies.

Natalia Pshenichnaya, the Chairman of the Committee of Ethics, Rules and Organization of the People’s Council’s work

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