#Commentary of Natalia Volkova on Poroshenko’s regime attempting to raise rating by speculations on religious subjects

The current government of Ukraine and its president, Pyotr Poroshenko, are attempting to raise their ratings in any way, by speculating in the most brazen manner on socially relevant topics. In my opinion, nothing good will obviously come out of it, especially since Poroshenko, in pursuit of votes, uses the theme of religion.

More recently, the Ukrainian president has been boasting of a new “victory” – the obtainment of a tomos. The radically minded public has enthusiastically picked up the news and loud headlines appeared in the Ukrainian media: “Receiving a tomos on autocephaly of the Ukrainian church ends Moscow’s three-hundred-year domination over souls of the Ukrainians.” Allegedly, this is another “victory” over Russia, a path to a brighter future, and the like.

The consequences of the Poroshenko and Co. swindle were not long in coming: the seizure of temples of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the attack on the clergy. This is a violation of the law, as, in fact, it is occupation and religious harassment committed by right-wing groups.

Nationalist formations are extremely aggressive, and this aggression is not always manageable. The recent incident with an attempt to set fire to the church of the Krivoy Rog diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is a great example. The intruders set fire to the temple door, and wrote slogans of radical neo-Nazi movements on the walls. Fortunately, the incident in Krivoy Rog ended up without enduring great loss, but such people, feeling impunity, will stop at nothing.

Trying to stay at the top, the leadership of Ukraine will continue to use tactics of intimidation and violence against those who disagree. Sensible people are intimidated and forced to watch what is happening in silence. Since in order to preserve power, the Poroshenko’s regime is ready to sacrifice any values and traditions, any person, the life of a common man of Ukraine in modern times is absolutely worthless.

Natalia Volkova, the Chairperson of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture

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