#Commentary of Olga Makeyeva on absurdity of Pyotr Poroshenko’s diplomacy

At first glance, the way that Pyotr Poroshenko chose to appeal to the President of the Russian Federation is puzzling. Why did he decide to resort to an interview to the American edition and why in English? Wouldn’t it have been more logical to do this in a different, more reasonable way? But it seems that behind the external comic and the absurdity of the situation there lies a clear plan that fits into the logic of recent events.

It is absolutely clear that Poroshenko addressed his words not to Putin. His speech was directed, first of all, to the international community, as well as the “domestic consumer.” He clearly expects that his statement will be distributed by the Western media and it will cause international attention. However, he is not so naive as to believe that his empty words, which are not supported by evidence, will be able to soften someone in the West. How long can he be shouting about an attack without showing any evidence? You can make statements about alien invasion equally well.

In Poroshenko’s statements, it is alarming that, as a next step, he may resort to another provocation, which will be the formal cause for the escalation of the military conflict in the Donbass. Unfortunately, such concerns are not unfounded, they are confirmed by data from our reconnaissance. But who shouts “Hold the thief!” the loudest? The thief himself. And who shouts the word “war” the loudest?

It is said that war is kings’ last argument. It seems that this is the last hope of the anti-national Ukrainian regime to maintain its power at any cost. Therefore, we consider such statements of the Ukrainian guarantor in the context of his election campaign. After five years of Poroshenko’s rule, this is the only topic to which he can now appeal. The topic of war really causes genuine vivid emotions in every person. At the same time, Ukraine’s leadership understands that the stronger the emotions of citizens are implicated in fear and hate, the easier it is to manipulate such people. Because Poroshenko does not have a single real achievement for all these years, the result of his rule is a failed policy in all life spheres of the Ukrainian state.

Olga Makeyeva, the Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council

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