#Commentary of Olga Makeyeva on pipe dream of Ukrainian politicians to ‘join European family’

The desire of Ukrainian would-be politicians to drag their country into the orbit of the Western world by all means exceeds all bounds. They struggle to prove that Ukraine is a pro-western anti-Russian state.

To achieve this, Poroshenko wants to make any sacrifice without considering the opinion of Ukrainians. The armed coup and the bloody civil war in the state were not enough to join the ‘European family’ and fulfil the Ukrainian oligarchs’ dreams. Therefore, the Ukrainian criminal authority aspires to join NATO today, destroy the economy completely and sell all land and factories – and this all is under the slogan “For the sake of the people of Ukraine”.

Unfortunately, citizens of Ukraine, under the information pressure of the Ukrainian media, have consistently failed to accept the idea that the country’s sovereignty is threatened by the power of Poroshenko, not by Russia!

I would like to appeal to Ukrainians and encourage them to admit that those they have entrusted with power managed to destroy the industrial complex, sell factories, close banks and gain exorbitant loans, for which ordinary citizens have to pay, in three short years. All of this chaos was created by “Maidan” power, which captivated people with an ephemeral idea in 2013. Many Ukrainians now still believe in “European Ukraine”, in the NATO’s support and the brotherhood with the United States.

Alas, many people in Ukraine have yet to realize that they have been deprived of one of the most fundamental rights – the right to vote and to be able to decide their own destiny…

Olga Makeyeva, the Deputy Chairman of DPR People’s Council

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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