#Commentary of Olga Makeyeva on situation around enterprises with introduced state administrations

Despite Ukrainian oligarchs’ attempts to destroy the Donbass industry, most of the enterprises managed not only to preserve, but also to resume production processes, to provide jobs.

Today, the social support of employees of enterprises, the preservation of the production base, the search for raw materials and sales markets are top priorities for the leadership of the Republic.

Thanks to the joint work of the legislative and executive branches of power, as well as the active participation of enterprises’ collectives, we managed to put into operation one of the major industrial facilities of the Republic – the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (DMZ).

I want to note that the employees of the DMZ, one of the oldest factories in the Donbass, have always been distinguished by special diligence and dedication, so every effort was made to introduce the state administration at the enterprise to preserve production – the legacy of our fathers and grandfathers.

The introduction of temporary administrations allowed workers to feel social support from the Republic. Only in the metallurgical industry 15 payments of material aid to large families have been made, 387 humanitarian kits have been handed, 43 cultural leisure activities have been held for family members of enterprises’ employees. Together with the trade union, assistance has been provided in the organization of children’s leisure in the sanatorium and health camps of the Russian Federation. To date, one hundred and sixty employees of the DMZ have joined the ranks of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”.

Let me remind you that there are deputy reception rooms at the enterprises, where every employee can apply and get assistance in solving acute social and other issues.

Olga Makeyeva, Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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