#Commentary of Olga Makeyeva on Ukraine’s failure to comply with ‘school ceasefire’

The Ukrainian side keeps on sabotaging the implementation of the Minsk agreements. In recent days, according to official data of the DPR Ministry of Defense, there have been regular reports of the deployment of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment to the line of contact.This contradicts the previously established ‘school truce’ and the statements of the Kiev authorities about the intentions to restore peace in the Donbass.

Despite this, the leadership of the Republic, coordinators from the Russian Federation and the OSCE continue to make efforts to implement the Minsk agreements and create conditions for a ceasefire and the disengagement of forces and facilities. This initiative is also supported by the leaders of the Normandy Four.

The previously announced ceasefires did not guarantee complete silence, but they made a significant contribution to reducing tensions on the contact line and contributed to a decrease in the intensity of shellings of the Republic’s territory.

Nevertheless, the previously agreed ‘harvest truce’ made it possible to significantly reduce the enemy’s firing activity on the contact line.

Olga Makeyeva, the Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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