#Commentary of Roman Malyutin on fact of recognizing lethal weapons supply to Ukraine from United States

The United States already sell lethal weapons to Ukraine, the Voice of America reported. A company from Texas AirTronic USA supplies grenade launchers to Ukraine.

The article talks about the supply of the PSRL grenade launcher, created in the US, which is an improved version of the Soviet RPG-7. The CEO of the company Richard Vandiver told “Voice of America” that cooperation with Ukraine had begun two years ago, the first deliveries of grenade launchers had begun in 2016 and continue to this day.

He also said through which state structures of both countries their company works: “We are in very close coordination with the American embassy, with the State Department, the Pentagon and with the Ukrainian government. Our systems are sent under DDTC DSP-5 export license of the US Department of State.”

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valery Chaly presented his vision of the partnership of the embassy headed by him with American suppliers of weapons, in particular grenade launchers. He said that “creating the conditions for establishing such cooperation is what we are doing.”

Chaly hopes to expand cooperation: “We expect that the bill, which provides for the provision of lethal military hardware to Ukraine, passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate, will be signed by President Trump, this is up to $50 million of financing for lethal defensive weapons. The decision is to be accepted by President Trump. But the supply business is a different topic. There we are talking about more powerful defensive weapons.”

Vandiver clarified for the Voice of America: “Obviously, the PSRL is a lethal weapon. But this is a defensive lethal weapon. These are not some serious missile systems, their range is only 1,000 meters. While these weapons systems remain on the Ukrainian side of the border, this is not an offensive weapon.”

The American media emphasizes that “AirTronic USA company’s grenade launchers are a deadly weapon with a limited range capability, so if used from the territory of Ukraine, then the projectile cannot overcome the demarcation line in the occupied Eastern Ukraine. Thus, the US government guarantees that the PSRL will only be used for defensive purposes.”

The American track is very deep in the matter of what is happening in Ukraine and what was happening in the Donbass. This publication confirms the fact that American weapons were still in the Ukrainian inventory.

After such statements, I very much want to invite the US government and confirm their guarantees with a presence on the contact line. Let them at the same time see that the distance between the trenches of the AFU and the DPR Armed Forces is often much less than the range of the PSRL grenade launcher. And whether it is a defensive or offensive, you need to ask the civilian population of the Republic, which is being bombarded by the AFU, including from the so-called ‘defensive’ grenade launchers.

Roman Malyutin, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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