# Commentary of Roman Malyutin on how West masks military plans with peace initiatives

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that to increase Ukraine’s ability to protect its territorial integrity, the States had allocated $115 million. This, according to Tillerson, will help “end the war in Ukraine.”

That is, the logic of the States is that if something burns, then, having poured oil there, it will burn faster and thus the fire will stop. And indeed, because there will be nothing to burn.

The US military rhetoric constantly sounded from the lips of high-ranking officials, and puppets in the person of Ukraine or Lithuania, guided by such statements, regularly agree and do not hesitate to benefit. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers of Lithuania approved a decree on transfer of military equipment worth € 1.93 million to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. So to say, to please the owner and to write off the Soviet arms with hope on the new things from NATO.

Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada announced that after the adoption of the law on ‘reintegration’, we will be called “representatives of the occupied Russian administrations.” The Ukrainian authorities and their admirers have already come up with numerous terms: they dehumanized us, marginalized, accused of shelling ourselves… And now we, local residents who have defended our land, culture and history, have also occupied ourselves.

It turns out that by sending weapons to Ukraine, using pejorative terms, inciting hatred with their homebred Russophobia, the curators of Ukraine and their Kiev puppets thus try to establish peace? We, the representatives of the Donbass, perceive all these actions as preparation for military operations and the desire to seize the Donbass by force. But these gentlemen are not the first ones who wanted to win us, and history, as we know, develops in a spiral, and many things repeat in it.

Roman Malyutin, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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