#Commentary of Sergey Chuchin on legislative regulation of coal mining artels’ activities in DPR and LPR

A law of the Donetsk People’s Republic concerning mining formalizes the notion of artels, but it does not extend its effect to order, status and conditions of their activities, and which is regulated, as it follows from the law, by subordinate legislation.

The economic activity of small coal mining enterprises is regulated in the LPR by a resolution of the Council of Ministers of the LPR No. 314 of June 17, 2016, “On approving the operating procedures of coal mining artels”.

As a result, the said regulatory framework regulates the stages of establishing a coal mining artel, its receipt of a permit-to-work package, requirements for operating conditions, socio-economic rights of workers and so on, but there is no single legal approach to open coal mining, due to the heterogeneity and subordination of regulations.

This issue was discussed on June 2, 2019, at a meeting of the deputies of the DPR’s and LPR’s People’s Councils, which was attended by the speakers of both parliaments, heads of the factions, as well as the chairmen of the committees.

I think that such practice, when a certain group of business entities, which conduct economic activities regulated by law, is taken outside the legal framework of the DPR, does not contribute to the course of the Republics aimed at developing a legal state.

By-laws are designed to specify and detail legal provisions, regularize the organization of their implementation, and not to be used as a principal act that governs a certain group of relations.

In the context of inter-parliamentary cooperation, the Committee on Industry and Trade is exploring the possibility to develop jointly with the LPR’s People’s Council either a separate draft law for coal mining artels, which are involved in open cast mining, or amend the current legislation.

Sergey Chuchin, the Chairman of the People’s Council’s Committee on Industry and Trade

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