#Commentary of Sergey Rura on increasing demand for Ukrainian manpower in Europe

Ukrainian mass media report that a serious competition over the Ukrainian manpower has begun in Central Europe. The German Farmers Union addressed a federal government with a request to simplify the procedure for obtaining temporary work visas, so Ukrainian citizens could freely come to Germany to work in fields.

Ukrainians go abroad looking for ways to earn a living, because their own state is not able to offer them any alternative. Thus, Ukraine’s economy is collapsing: enterprises are being shut down, living cost is increasing and Ukraine cannot generate enough jobs.

Of course, the Ukrainian authority is not the one to blame in all these troubles, but a war “unleashed by an aggressor”. According to the authority, the state has no funds to resume the functioning of closed enterprises. And the emergence of new ones is out of the question. However, it is worth noting that there are no funds in budget, not in the state.

But why is there the competition between the European countries over such manpower resources? The demand for the Ukrainian manpower is increasing in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Croatia. But the statement of the German farmers, who asked to simplify for Ukrainians the procedure for obtaining work visas, is truly amazing.

The Poland and Romanian manpower was mainly used for work in the fields of Germany in the past. But they are not ready to work for the money offered by the German farmers. It is a lot of money for Ukrainians, they will never see such wages back home.

The Ukrainian mass media almost proudly report that the competition over cheap Ukrainian manpower has begun on the European market. Indeed, if Ukraine cannot import advanced technology products, if it failed to become “a great agricultural country”, then Ukraine is ready to supply people to Europe.

After all, it is not the first time human commodity is exported from Ukraine. Turks formerly succeeded in this (the largest slave markets in Europe used to be in Crimea, where mainly Slavs were traded) and Germans (more than two million people were stolen during the Great Patriotic War). But there is one small difference, Ukrainians come to Germany to work willingly and gladly and with full backing of the own state.

Sergey Rura, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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