#Commentary of Sergey Rura on Kiev trying to justify change ‘ATO’ format by intensifying shelling of Donbass localities

The serious aggravation of the situation on the demarcation line, especially in Gorlovka, planned by the Kiev authorities, may be due to the recent change in the scenario of military aggression against the Donbass. Now it is important for Kiev to justify the change of the ‘ATO’ format and show what the Ukrainian army is capable of.

However, a stake on the AFU does not at all mean the victory of Kiev. Rather, it is a strategic step in order to gain time and prepare a rotation of the battalion militants, the National Guard and the “Right Sector” (an organization banned in the DPR – ed.).

In addition, now Kiev has launched a serious information war, speculating on the feelings of civilians living in the localities shelled. Appeals to leave populated areas and evacuations of cities every day voiced in the Ukrainian media and are actively shared by their special services in social media. Such information is fabricated and used against the leadership of the DPR. Please do not panic and check the reliability of any information in official sources.

Sergey Rura, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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