#Commentary of Sergey Zavdoveyev on low level of competency of leadership of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Apparently, some military leaders of the AFU had an urge to recall how they “fought with Russia in Donbass” after the celebration of “independence” in Ukraine. In particular, the Chief of the AFU General Staff Victor Muzhenko shared his memories about event of 2014 on his Facebook page.

Muzhenko stated that the AFU General Stuff had not had sufficiently reliable intelligence about “the intervention of Russian troops” until August 2014. According to his information, he personally did not see any satellite or aerial photos, which would provide a full understanding of the fact that the Russian troops were present in the territory of Ukraine at that time. Moreover, Muzhenko said that there were no people, who were truly aware of “the large-scale intervention of the Russian troops” until August 20, 2014.

However, this statement is interesting because Muzhenko provided an example in the same text and which was contrary to his own statements. According to him, information was received from Chief Duty Officer of the Central Command Centre of the AFU Colonel Maslennikov on the night of July 14, 2014, about the convoy of Russian armoured vehicles in the amount of 150 – 200 units, which entered the territory of Ukraine in Izvarino”. After agreement with President Poroshenko, the convoy was attacked by all means, primarily by MRLS “Smerch” and artillery. The attack was so powerful so recon aircrafts could not detect the results of the shelling due to smoke in two days. Only on the third day, it was possible to see scorched fields and some burned down armour.

There are several questions in connection with this statement. If there was no reliable information of “the Russian intervention” until August 20, what convoy was attacked by the Ukrainian artillery on July 14,2014? And, if it was attacked by all means including MRLS “Smerch”, where are the aerial photos of the results of the attack made by recon aircrafts? At least, photos of these few burned down armoured vehicles, to which Muzhenko was referring? Probably, the pilots of recon aircrafts ran out of film… I remind you that after the large-scale destruction of the Ukrainian armoured vehicles by the DPR Armed Forces with MRLS “Grad” near Zelenopolye, the whole world saw the photos of destroyed vehicles. MRLS “Smerch” is several times more powerful than MRLS “Grad”, so where are the results of this “splendid” operation. I think, Muzhenko will not answer these questions.

By the way, Muzhenko stated in January 2015 that “the Ukrainian army was not engaging in fighting with the regular units of the Russian army”. These words sounded paradoxical at the background of the Anti-Russian rhetoric, which was based on the so-called “the Russian armed aggression”.

The Chief of the AFU General Staff stated on his Facebook page that July 14,2014, was a turning point for the Ukrainian authorities in psychological terms. If this phrase is taken in its plain meaning, then you can say that psychos completely entrenched in the military echelon of Ukraine and realised that they could carry out any shady undertaking. The leadership of the General Staff is not formed by individuals, who have expertise and skills, but on the principle of flattery to the Commander-In-Chief. For instance, the former Defence Minister of Ukraine Valery Geletey, who promised in 2014 that he would hold a victory parade in Sevastopol.

The incompetent folks, who are close the Bankova street, continue to hold leading positions in the Ukrainian Defence Department, in connection with which they regularly carry out military “experiments”, while not forgetting to profiteer off and share with the superior leadership. And whereas in the past, it was not said out loud and only on the margins, so now, there are comments of different veterans of “ATO” about corruption and incompetence of the military leadership of Ukraine that appear in the media.

Sergey Zavdoveyev, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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