#Commentary of Sergey Zavdoveyev on medical reform in Ukraine

Since the beginning of April, the first stage of a scandalous medical reform has been launched in Ukraine, and for some reason the country’s leadership keeps silent about the problems associated with its implementation.

But we will first elaborate what kind of medical system is being introduced in Ukraine. From July 1, therapists, paediatricians and family doctors will accept patients free of charge only after signing the so-called memorandum. To choose a doctor and sign such a memorandum will be available starting from April 2. To ensure the operation of this system in Ukraine, there was even created a special organization – the National Health Service with a budget of 8.2 billion hryvnia. At the same time to choose a doctor, to make an appointment and much more can be through the Internet, in fact, exclusively through the Internet.

But this is not the end. In addition to the segregation of Ukraine’s population on the basis of the presence/absence of the Internet, medical reform has a few more surprises.

First, one cannot simply reach a narrow specialist now. Moreover, their services are planned to be paid for. The payment will include rendering assistance to pregnant women, whose pregnancy proceeds with complications. That is, if a woman, say, has heart disease or for medical reasons she needs to do a C-section, then she will have to pay for everything literally. It’s easy to understand that this will be followed by another decline in the birth rate.

Secondly, a list of surveys and analyses that Ukrainians can claim for free is already known. In includes haematological studies (a general blood test with a leukocyte formula), biochemical and immunochemical studies (blood glucose, total cholesterol, general urine analysis), instrumental research methods (electrocardiogram, sputum microscopy), rapid tests (rapid HIV tests, viral hepatitis, syphilis). That is, as we see, there is no even simple helminths test. What can I say about any more complex studies?

There is a third point, too. This is a reduction in funding of the program for providing citizens with medicines. First of all, patients with rare diseases. Already, 70% of Ukrainians were left without free medicines.

Obviously, the reform does not correspond to the real picture of the Ukrainian health care system: there is no information protection, a number of provincial hospitals are not connected to the electronic system, there is no proper technical equipment for hospitals and outpatient clinics, which will lead to job losses and a shortage of staff to provide services to the entire population and much other.

But officials rejoice, because the medical reform will serve as an excellent cover for their corrupt frauds. And here we can speak about many things, starting with the creation of a new special organization with a huge budget, ending with an unregistered legislative base, which should regulate the distribution of funds in the medical field, including inside the hospitals themselves.

Unfortunately, for the Ukrainian leadership it has become a common practice to adopt reforms against their own people, bypassing constitutional norms and human rights. It turns out that quite reasonably Ukrainian users of social networks call Ulyana Suprun (the ideologist of the murderous medical reform for Ukrainians) Dr. Death.

Sergey Zavdoveyev, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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