#Commentary of Stanislav Shaposhnikov on critical criminal situation in Ukraine

There are criminalization processes of state structures and society as a whole in Ukraine. This can be seen in the growing number of criminal chronicles in the Ukrainian media. At the same time, law enforcement officials are often involved in crimes.

Thus, two police officers were detained for accusing a man of illegal possession of arms and extorting a bribe of 1.5 thousand dollars in the Obukhov district of Kyiv.

Another example: a police Special Forces had to be introduced because of a mass brawl on the domestic soil in the village of Olshany in the Kharkiv region. In other words, in order to resolve a domestic conflict, a special police unit had to be placed, because the local police could not cope with the situation. And these are only those cases that got in the news crime chronicle.

In fact, the Kiev regime is beginning to drown in the wave of criminal lawlessness that it has created in Ukraine. Permissiveness with regard to armed radical nationalist groups, the large number of unaccounted weapons and ammunition spreading over the country from the “ATO” zone resulted in the entry of Special Forces into a locality because of a domestic dispute. The situation is exacerbated, social tensions are growing and such episodes will eventually be more than ever. The low level of qualification of the new Ukrainian police does not give hope for any change for the better.

Such episodes suggest that the Kiev regime is gradually losing control of the situation in the country. The police are not doing enough to cope with the situation and, on top of everything else, it is becoming increasingly corrupt. If this tendency remains unchanged, then the Special Forces may simply not be able to solve the problem eventually.

Stanislav Shaposhnikov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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