#Commentary of Stanislav Shaposhnikov on demolition of morality in Ukrainian society

In Ukraine, a series of vandalism acts continues, only now they are carried out to obtain immediate material benefits. If earlier “activists” used to destroy monuments and memorial complexes in the name of their neo-Nazi ideas, now they look at historical objects as scrap metal which can be sold.

The current Ukrainian policy implies that the economic activity of certain persons does not imply any development, but is aimed at meeting immediate personal needs. What else can explain the actions of two unemployed residents of Dnepropetrovsk who sawed a cenotaph, which is part of the memorial complex, the Common Grave of civilians – victims of fascism and an unknown Soviet soldier’s monument? As reported by the media, these citizens were very thoroughly prepared for the process of dismantling. They had a car for transportation and money for fuel. These citizens were cutting the monument with the help of special equipment for gas cutting. This means that they were not beggars.

A person always begins degrading from the loss of human values or betrayal of oneself. The new Ukrainian authorities for three years have been systematically destroying what has been built by the entire generations. They demolish monuments, sell factories and land for nothing, cut down and take out forests… I think that the logic of the vandals from Dnepropetrovsk was extremely simple: if the state is allowed to demolish hundreds of monuments, why can’t we do it?

Today’s power in Ukraine can invent any myths for its people, create totems, change any names or declare the fundamental laws of physics to be absurd. A crowd of Ukrainian neo-Nazis will frantically yell censorship-approved slogans and worship their idols, but exactly as long as it allows them to satisfy their personal interests. And while some arrange torchlight processions, others will continue to saw their country to pieces. Ukraine inherited a huge legacy, but it will dry up eventually.

Do Ukrainians have no understanding that morality is destroyed completely, not partially or selectively? In these conditions, it is very difficult to find a prescription for salvation of the former Ukraine, for the Kiev authorities are doing everything to ensure that Ukrainian citizens do not have a future.

Stanislav Shaposhnikov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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