#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on another Kiev’s attempts to rewrite history

In their painful desire to mold the superpower from Ukraine by the hands of historians, which must necessarily be opposed to everything Russian, Ukrainian politicians are ready for anything. For this reason, over the past three years, Ukraine has turned into an absurdist theater, and Ukrainian pseudo-historians and the political beau monde on its stage are the main comedians.In this context, it is worth considering the initiative of the Ukrainian film company Kinorob to film a historical drama about the daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise – Anne de Russie.

The words of the Russian president about the youngest daughter of Yaroslav the Wise Anne caused outrage and resentment among the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. Vladimir Putin called her a Russian princess, and immediately the Ukrainian media accused the Russian president of ignorance. But there is nothing to be surprised here, because Vladimir Putin does not read, and should not read, Ukrainian history books in which Yaroslav the Wise and the other princes, in accordance with the new interpretation, have been exclusively Ukrainian for three years already. Vladimir Vladimirovich could not assume that the words about the youngest daughter of the grand prince Yaroslav the Wise will offend the feelings of modern descendants of the “ancient Ukrainians” so much.

Savvy aces of the film industry came to rescue the offended Ukrainian scientists and historians. The Ukrainian film company Kinorob and the French studio Dada Films will shoot a film about the French queen Anne, the daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, and tell the whole world that Anna was not Russian, but Kiev, because the word “Russian” offends Ukrainian nationalists to the bottom of their heart. It seems to me that Princess Anna and her father and husband, the King of France Henry I, would be extremely surprised if they found out the “truth” about such a concept like the “ancient Ukrainian princes” that did not exist at that time.

Commenting on the Ukrainian media and politicians’ hysteria, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, archaeologist and historian Pyotr Tolochko called this situation “a childhood illness of a young state” and said that Ukraine is trying to position itself by screwing up history. A very brave deed, because now this scientist will be bullied by the nationalists, home-grown and fathered by the new Ukrainian government.

The rewriting of history in Ukraine began long before the coup d’état in 2014. This process has its roots since the beginning of the 1990s, when the most active part of the Ukrainian clerisy joined the ranks of the National Democrats. It was then that the scenario of Ukraine’s “uniqueness” started with its ethnic exclusivity, which included its own language, culture and, of course, history. Other cultures and peoples have been identified as hostile or neutral. Ukrainian historians were worked tirelessly – they developed national myths, formed a vocabulary and rhetoric, which could dissociate Ukraine from the cultural and historical space with the Russian world.

In 1996, in the presence of the Ukrainian ambassador, Yuri Kochubei, at the request of the Ukrainian community, an inscription was replaced on the socle of sculpture installed in Sanlis near Paris in the 17th century, from Anne de Russie, the Queen of France, to Anna de Kiev, Queen of France. Possibly, Ukrainian pseudo-historians will call all the Rurik people Old Ukrainian soon.

In 2014, this process received a new round of development. Ukraine for the fourth year in a row with all the forces has been sculpting the enemy from the Russian people, not realizing that our common history cannot be crossed out, rewritten or reshaped, because it lasts more than 1000 years.

Any fascism begins with the rewriting of history, the creation of new heroes, the inventing of non-existent ancestors, attempts to falsely associate with historical personalities, events or cultural values. In 2003, British political scientist Laurence Britt formulated 14 signs of fascism. The manifestation of nationalism in the form of slogans, symbols, folklore in conjunction with a suspicious attitude towards everything foreign (in the case of Ukraine – to everything Russian) is one of the first signs of fascism by Lawrence Britt. The use of harsh propaganda, disinformation and creation of an enemy image are also distinguishing features of the fascist regimes. The process of Ukraine’s fascization must be stopped as soon as possible, and the forces that are ready to take up this good cause must unite.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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