#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on demographic situation in Ukraine, or self-destruction of Country 404 launched

According to the latest published data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, the birth rate in the country has fallen drastically. The increase in prices for utilities, medical and pension reforms did their job – in just three quarters of 2017 the number of people in Ukraine decreased by 150 thousand people.

It should be noted that the ratio of mortality to births is also catastrophic: 64 people are born per 100 dead. Thus, the natural increase in the population is negative: minus 15.3%; the total increase is slightly better: minus 14.9%. This means that the population of Ukraine has decreased by approximately 15%.

According to the statistics of the United Nations, Ukraine ranks 172nd in terms of birth rates, the Ukrainian media reported. The reason is simple: the inability to provide the child financially. But in terms of the rate of population decline Ukraine managed to enter the top ten countries in the world!

For example, IT specialists leave the country massively. Ukrainians basically leave the country with whole families, as the Ukrainian media openly write about it, explaining this by saying that “a hole in the bottom of the Ukrainian liner is still not sealed.” As some passengers leave the problem vessel, the captain forces the remaining passengers to scoop up the incoming water.” And the Ukrainian government does not intend to patch the hole itself, it’s not even logical to patch a hole in the hole.

However, all this information is relative. In Ukraine, there has not been a census since 2001, which means that there is no exact data on how many Ukrainians will meet 2018. The Ukrainian government deliberately shies away from the new census, despite the fact that the UN recommends that it be held every 10 years. And such a stubborn refusal to follow this recommendation suggests that the demographic situation in Ukraine is even worse.

But not this fact is terrifying. The fact is that the population decline in Ukraine is part of the state policy. And how else can you assess the genocidal medical reform, the removal of maternity leave from the women’s seniority, the increase in retirement age, etc.? The state makes it clear to its citizens that it is not interested in increasing their numbers.

Another situation is observed in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Even despite military actions, the birth rate in the DPR, according to the Civil Registry Office of the Ministry of Justice, increased by 2.4%, and behind the contact line (on the territory of the Donetsk region temporarily controlled by Ukraine) – decreased by almost 10%.

The degradation of the Kiev government entails the degradation of all the institutions of the country. The system is dying and in agony begins to get rid of the ‘extra’ mouths – children and the elderly. If Ukraine does not dare to change the situation and continues to get rid of not oligarchs and bandits in power, but from children with the elderly, then it will be further degenerated.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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