#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on indifference of United States to international law

The Chief of the Pentagon James Mattis believes that the United Nations granted the United States a permission to conduct warfare in the Syrian territory. “The United Nations stated that we could, in principle, prosecute the “Islamic State” (an organization banned in the DPR – Ed.). And we are there to destroy them,” the Minister of Defense of the United States demonstrated his legal literacy.

James Mattis is based on the fact that resolution No. 2249, adopted by United Nations Security Council on November 20, 2015, calls for “a coordinated effort to prevent and suppress terrorist acts committed by the IS and other terrorist organizations… and to eradicate a safe haven they have created in much of Iraq and Syria.”

Using this interpretation, Mattis will have to welcome a situation when, for example, India invades Pakistan, justifying its actions in the said resolution. The Chinese troops on this pretext can breach Iraq and so on. Why should Iceland not participate in the destruction of terrorists in the Syrian territory? Or do Gods may do what cattle may not?

In fact, Mattis showed permissiveness and impunity, which the United States enjoyed. By setting its goals above international law, the United States gives an example to the rest of the world, showing that the law is not an obstacle to the achievement of its benefits.

I am convinced that the very essence of such worldview is disastrous and will lead those, who took the path of double standards, to nothing good. History shows that the great of the world, who use this kind of policy, will have no glory at the end.

Valery Skorokhodov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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